Saturday, August 14, 2010

Barbie Karen!

This is my sister Barbie. Not, only did Karen dress up as Barbie for Halloween she has also done a couple Birthday parties for little girls.

This is how it works, the mom tells all of the little girls, "Wouldn't it be exciting if Barbie could come to life and come to our party?"

Then the mom takes the vintage Solo Barbie and puts it outside the door. The little girls chant, "Come on Barbie, let's go party!" Three times. ... and ... Presto. In walks Karen (A.K.A Barbie) through the door.

As you can imagine the little girls at the party are enchanted. Karen hangs out with them for a while, plays Barbie BINGO, talks to them about her favorite outfits, and how she always loses her shoes, because they are so small.

Well on June 29th Karen told my brother Mike that she would come and do a Birthday party for my little niece Sarah. Jonathan was going to lunch with his dad for his Birthday at Lamb's Cafe. It was so funny when I called Jonathan on the phone and asked him what time he was going to be at lunch?

He asked me, "Why?"

When I told that I had something really special planned for his Birthday, he immediately put two and two together. Jonathan is always so easy going, so I love it when I can fluster him.

"Jenny, Do not have Karen come dressed as Barbie. That is not a good idea. My dad would hate it. Seriously Jenny. It would not be funny."

Well, Barbie did not go to Lamb's Cafe for lunch. I went with and Karen that night and we did Sarah's party. On our way home I thought that we should stop by the Young Men/Young Women BBQ, and wish Jonathan a Happy Birthday. I wish so bad that I would have had my camera.

Barbie said, "How old are you Jonathan?"
I said, "Jonathan is 40!"
Then Barbie replied, "Forty? That's old! That is older than my Dad!"
Barbie had everyone join in and we all sang Happy Birthday to Jonathan!

Happy Birthday Plumber!

Don't feel to bad for him. He had a guy in a tutu come and

sing to me when I worked at the insurance company.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

I know Valentines Day has past but, I only got my craft project done 2 days before Valentines Day..... So I am enjoying them now (It's still February....) Jenny and I made these cute hearts covered with scrapbook paper (they were so fun and now I am addicted to paper/wood crafting) modge podge, glitter, paint. paper..... so much fun!!!! What else could a girl ask for (maybe a little sewing?)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I forgot about this blog

Just a new post because those strawberries creep me out!!! Hopefully there will be more to come sooner or LATER!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009


Strawberries are one of my favorite foods... I LOVE them. I usually buy 2 great big flats at Costco a week....Although I am now trying to get past my fear of eating them... The other day I was cutting the tops off strawberries as I grabbed one I happened to look inside it and saw a spider... I thought euuw gross and chucked it in the sink. I then told my husband what had happened. He came to see. He picked the strawberry up an there was no spider to found... (It must have been alive, I knew I saw a spider)
Ever since then I have been a little freaked out.... Every time I have strawberries I have to cut them up, I was thinking to me self (I am so mental... what are the chances I would ever see another spider in the middle of a strawberry???) just then I cut one open and "There was a spider right in the middle and it was alive!!!"
Well, I have decided I am not a mental case.... In all three spiders were found!!! I was taking to my sister and she also had found a spider in the middle of her strawberry!!! I decided to take a picture..... So you could all see what I am taking about!!!!

I will never be able to eat another spider-berry again without cutting into it.... I guess this rules out Chocolate covered strawberries for me.... Oh, and I wonder how many spiders have been eaten with out anyone even knowing it???

Sunday, March 29, 2009

If You Give Mom a Wash Rag

If you give a mom a wash rag, she will wash the counter!
Then she will see all the dirty dishes and think I better load the dishwasher.

Once she starts the dishwasher, she will think of her washing machine.

That will make her want to go switch the laundry!

As she throws in a load of darks, she will wonder if there are any dirty clothes in her kids room?
She will want to get those dirty clothes so she can wash them.
When she goes down stairs she will pas the computer, then she will think of her email...
She will want to check her email. Once she reads her email she will see that someone left a comment on her blog. That will make her want to post on her blog. Then she will want to read everyone else's blog.
Once she is done, she will see a shoe on the floor. She will want to put the shoe in the closet where it goes.
When she opens the closet she will see the vacuum, that will make her want to vacuum. When she is done vacuuming she will notice how dirty her kitchen floor is.
She will want to sweep the floor. Once the floor is clean she will want to mop it. While she is mopping the floor, she will hear the phone ring.
She will want to answer the phone. If the person on the phone is her sister she will talk for an hour! She will get tired of standing so she will sit on the couch...
All of the sudden she will ask her sister what time it is??? If her sister says "it's a quarter to four" She will say "bye, I have to go do carpool!"
She will get into her car and go pick up her kids. When her kids come home they will be hungry. She will want to make them a snack. After her kids eat their snack they will be messy.
She will need to wash them off, she will get a wash rag.... Once she gets the wash rag you know what it will make her want to do!!!!

This was my life the other day.... I had recently read "If you give Mouse a Cookie" to my kids and decided I should write a little book!!!

The only person who thought it was funny was my sister!!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Santa Claus Ain't Comin' to Nobody's House!

My sister and I decorated gingerbread houses with our families on Sunday night. I just love her creative House/Pirate Ship. She is such a good mom of all Boys. We had a really fun night!
Notice the decapitated Santa swimming with the sharks.