Friday, May 29, 2009


Strawberries are one of my favorite foods... I LOVE them. I usually buy 2 great big flats at Costco a week....Although I am now trying to get past my fear of eating them... The other day I was cutting the tops off strawberries as I grabbed one I happened to look inside it and saw a spider... I thought euuw gross and chucked it in the sink. I then told my husband what had happened. He came to see. He picked the strawberry up an there was no spider to found... (It must have been alive, I knew I saw a spider)
Ever since then I have been a little freaked out.... Every time I have strawberries I have to cut them up, I was thinking to me self (I am so mental... what are the chances I would ever see another spider in the middle of a strawberry???) just then I cut one open and "There was a spider right in the middle and it was alive!!!"
Well, I have decided I am not a mental case.... In all three spiders were found!!! I was taking to my sister and she also had found a spider in the middle of her strawberry!!! I decided to take a picture..... So you could all see what I am taking about!!!!

I will never be able to eat another spider-berry again without cutting into it.... I guess this rules out Chocolate covered strawberries for me.... Oh, and I wonder how many spiders have been eaten with out anyone even knowing it???