Saturday, August 14, 2010

Barbie Karen!

This is my sister Barbie. Not, only did Karen dress up as Barbie for Halloween she has also done a couple Birthday parties for little girls.

This is how it works, the mom tells all of the little girls, "Wouldn't it be exciting if Barbie could come to life and come to our party?"

Then the mom takes the vintage Solo Barbie and puts it outside the door. The little girls chant, "Come on Barbie, let's go party!" Three times. ... and ... Presto. In walks Karen (A.K.A Barbie) through the door.

As you can imagine the little girls at the party are enchanted. Karen hangs out with them for a while, plays Barbie BINGO, talks to them about her favorite outfits, and how she always loses her shoes, because they are so small.

Well on June 29th Karen told my brother Mike that she would come and do a Birthday party for my little niece Sarah. Jonathan was going to lunch with his dad for his Birthday at Lamb's Cafe. It was so funny when I called Jonathan on the phone and asked him what time he was going to be at lunch?

He asked me, "Why?"

When I told that I had something really special planned for his Birthday, he immediately put two and two together. Jonathan is always so easy going, so I love it when I can fluster him.

"Jenny, Do not have Karen come dressed as Barbie. That is not a good idea. My dad would hate it. Seriously Jenny. It would not be funny."

Well, Barbie did not go to Lamb's Cafe for lunch. I went with and Karen that night and we did Sarah's party. On our way home I thought that we should stop by the Young Men/Young Women BBQ, and wish Jonathan a Happy Birthday. I wish so bad that I would have had my camera.

Barbie said, "How old are you Jonathan?"
I said, "Jonathan is 40!"
Then Barbie replied, "Forty? That's old! That is older than my Dad!"
Barbie had everyone join in and we all sang Happy Birthday to Jonathan!

Happy Birthday Plumber!

Don't feel to bad for him. He had a guy in a tutu come and

sing to me when I worked at the insurance company.

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